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I love shooting Mexico Beach FL senior portraits! During my busy season, I may take over 500 outdoor exposures in a single day. I’m going to give you a few insider tips that will make an immediate impact on your beach portrait photography. These tips are going to help you achieve great results.

The Background In Your Beach Portrait Photography

Your background is critical to a complete senior portrait. It should compliment your portrait, not detract, from the person or group you are photographing. Colors should also compliment, not detract, from the person or group you are photographing. Watch for sea oats sticking out of people’s heads and other people or houses on the beach. After you have the person or group you are photographing where you want them, take the time to study the background. If your camera allows it, use the depth of field preview button so you can see just what will be sharp and what will be soft at the taking aperture.

Avoid Shooting To Early On The Beach

Try to avoid shooting midday in the bright Florida sun it will wash out the detail in the photo or digital image. Bright, harsh light photographs should be taken at a lower ISO. A number of DSLRs now go to ISO50 but good old ISO100 works fine for most shots. I try to take most of my shots as close to sunset as possible.The ambient lighting that time of day is perfect for portraits. Shooting in the shade of a tree also works well but can cause other problems. The only problem is, sun can shine through the canopy, creating splotches of light all over my subject and their clothing. Always look for the splotches and move to avoid them. They’ll cause overexposed highlights. Film is more forgiving of them than digital, but with digital you have Photo shop to fix them.

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